"Nuclear education in Russia"

Appeal submission and Evaluation of the Contest results

Appeal submission and consideration procedure

1. General provisions

1.1. The Appeal Board is created to handle the requests on the basis of the Contest. The Commission is established to preserve and protect the rights of the Contest participants to ensure uniform standards of the works assessment and disputes resolution.

1.2. The Commission Chairman is the chairman of the Contest organization committee (hereinafter - the Organization committee).


2. Commission work organization

2.1. The Commission performs the following functions:

- Examination of the participants appeals;

- Examination of the participants works;

-According to the results of appeal examination the commission decides to grant the appeal and provide the participant with additional points or reject it and keep the given scores unchanged.

2.2. The Commission's decisions are made by simple majority vote of the Commission members (the minimum amount of the Commission members is three men). In case of equal number of votes for each decision the chairman of the Commission shall have the decisive vote.

2.3. The Commission decisions are registered by protocols signed by the Chairman and all the members of the Commission who participated in the appeal examination. The Commission's decisions are final and may not be reviewed.

2.4. The minutes of the Commission are sent to the Organization Committee to make the appropriate changes to the protocols of Contest results concerning the subjects (series of subjects), records and published on the official website of the Contest which is located in the Internet at www.globalatom.ru


3. Order of appeals application and consideration 

3.1. Contest member is entitled to submit an appeal (hereinafter - the appeal) in the form of a letter to the email address of the Contest at root@globalatom.ru concerning the abuse of the Contest established order and/or disagree with the results of the work examination (hereinafter - the technical score).

3.2. The appeal examination is not a new challenge. The Commission verifies the correctness of the scores appointed for the work, and examines the issues related to the violation of the Contest rules.

3.3. The examined works of the Contest participants will not be scanned and sent to the participants or any other persons, the copying of works is not allowed.

3.4. Appeals are sent by participants within 3 days since the end of the Contest final stage.


3.5. When the results of the commission work are issued the person who filed the appeal gets a reasoned decision of the commission sent by e-mail, which is not subject to discussion and to further appeal.

3.6. If a participant convincingly proves that according to his personal reasoning a more correct answer \ different from the one originally specified by the Commission as the right one the commission may revise the result achieved by such a participant.

3.7. The Commission may further consider the results of the participant if the participant is ready to demonstrate the Contest solutions, methods and approaches that are far from the commonly used standard school approaches.

Evaluation of the Contest results

The Contest participants are recognized as winners whose works satisfy the following criteria:

1. During the solution of tasks correct results are obtained and maximum number of points is scored.

2. Categorization of winners and prize winners is based on the total score for the solution of all Contest tasks in accordance with the following table.