"Nuclear education in Russia"


Sergey Kirienko, Director General, State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM

Dear friends!

Nuclear power today is one of the most important development vectors of the world energy system. It allows not only solving the problem of access to sustainable and highly potent energy source but also serves as a locomotive of the sustainable development, because the use of nuclear technologies inevitably entails the development of the national scientifi c infrastructure, training of high skilled specialists, and development of modern branches of science and applied knowledge.

ROSATOM offers its international partners a comprehensive set of services in nuclear, which includes not only construction of a nuclear power plant, its fuel supply throughout the entire fuel cycle but also the assistance in training of specialists.

The Russian Federation has a vast experience in the export of education, which originates from the time of the USSR when thousands of foreign students did their training in the Soviet higher education establishments. The level and quality of the education we provide are evidenced by the fact that many of graduates of our universities have been able to successfully promote in their countries and now represent national political and intellectual elites.

Today in the Russian Federation every opportunity has been created to get educated in nuclear physics at a high quality level. Students from Turkey, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Jordan and other countries where nuclear power plants of Russian design will be built in coming years, are doing their education courses in Russia. The nuclear education system for international students in Russia has been developed with the IAEA’s methodological support. Under the aegis of this respectful organization the International Center for training of national nuclear infrastructure specialists, including nuclear power plant operators, has been established in Obninsk, Kaluga Region. The leading nuclear university of Russia – NRNU MEPHI – cooperates with the IAEA in compiling training courses for master’s programs. Shortly, the NRNU MEPHI students will be able to use the IAEA’s virtual education platform that includes virtual training courses and a possibility to do laboratory operations via the Internet.

We have all the conditions for adaptation of international students, including the Russian language training. The professional training includes lecture courses and seminars given by not only the best teachers of nuclear universities but also leading specialists of largest nuclear enterprises of Russia. The students are benefi ting from internship at Russia’s nuclear power plants.

We will be happy to see you students of our universities!

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